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Interview with Mary Jean

Interview with Mary Jean - Click here !
When I called up-and-coming porn star MaryJean, she was sick with the flu, coughing and sniffling. Still, she was a trooper, more than willing to talk about her ass. And, holy plywood, does she have an ass.

For starters, she’s Dominican and from the Bronx. And if you’re a Dominican woman from the Bronx, chances are good you’re gonna have an ass. As MaryJean herself explains, “It’s what my mama gave me.”

Also, her ass is so round and her waist so thin, every time she stands up, you’d swear you were gazing upon an optical illusion. In fact, as she’s quick to point out, most people think it’s fake. But it’s real. And it is spectacular.

MaryJean is also strikingly beautiful, and very charming and self-effacing when conversation turns to her gravity-defying derriere. But with her featured spread in the November 2013 issue of Penthouse (which is on stands now), MaryJean’s ass is pretty well positioned to take over the world. And let me be the first to pledge allegiance to its majesty.

One nation, under ass, people. That’s how it’s got to be.

To those poor slobs who have never seen it, how would you describe your ass?
Juicy and big.

How do you maintain it? Genetics? Squats?
Rice and beans. And going up the stairs a lot. Everyone thinks my ass is Photoshop-ed. They don’t believe until they see it in person.

They probably don’t believe it because you’re so small but your ass is just insanely round.
That’s why I’m usually trying to hide it. It just draws too much attention. I have to wear long stuff trying to cover it.

No, no! Don’t hide it. Society needs to see it!
My boobs are huge too, though. I have double Ds and a small waist so everything stands out. I try to hide them but I can’t. Other girls tell me they wish they had that problem but I tell them it’s tough. Tough to find clothes.

Speaking of clothes, what article of clothing would say best accentuates your ass?
Well, I love leggings but they’re tough to walk around in, because they make my butt even bigger.

Can you even find a pair to contain it?
Some of my leggings won’t even fit around my butt. I have to push my ass up to fit in. Jeans are tough to find, too, because my ass is too big and my waist is too small. When I’m trying to pump gas, I’ll get out of my car and my jeans will be hanging down and my butt crack is hanging out and people will be everywhere, staring. They come out of the woods, like the animals coming out to see Snow White. That’s why I usually go to the full service gas stations. I don’t like to get out of my car.

Do you have to deal with a lot of cat calls and shout-outs when you walk down the street?
When I’m going up an escalator, I let the guys go first. They say, “Ladies first” but I let them go. And my ass is so big, sometimes I can’t even balance myself on heels. I spend more time trying to work around my ass.

Is it easier to find dates when you’re a porn star?
Honestly, no one ever approaches me in real life. I don’t know why. Maybe they’re scared? They’ll look, they’ll stare. But they won’t come over. Sometimes I’ll go out for drinks with my friends and see a cute guy, but guys never seem to approach me.

Maybe they’re intimidated. If a woman with an ass like yours tries to engage a guy, they might think it’s a sting operation.
I wish I knew.

What do you look for in a guy?
Their dicks and their personality. I’m into just grabbing a guy’s dick. I’ll ask them before I do, but I’ll do it.

Are you dating anyone right now?

Well, when you are dating, how soon are you with a guy before he’s basically begging you to have sex with him?
Never. I’m the one who has to instigate it.

I don’t believe it.
It’s true. We’ll be out at dinner and I’ll have to be the one to say, “Look, I don’t want to sit here and eat lasagna. I want to go bang.” I have to open the door for them and tell them it’s okay. I have to throw them down to get them to make a move.

After having sex with male porn stars is it kind of a let down to sleep with a normal guy?
Some of the stuff I do in real life is a bit wilder than the stuff I do on film. The only problem I have with most guys is that they cum too fast when I start blowing them. They cum right away and they forget about me. So I have to sit on their face and teach them a lesson on why they should never cum first.

Jesus, we should be writing this down. It would make an awesome facesitting video script.
[Laughs] It would, you’re right.

There’s lots of money in facesitting fetish films. Ever sat on a guy’s face while wearing yoga pants?
No, and I have to say I’m sometimes afraid to sit on someone’s face because I don’t want to suffocate them with my giant ass and go to jail. [laughs.] Sometimes I don’t even want to sit on their laps because I feel like my ass is gonna break their legs.

No! That’s a crime.
I’m not saying I won’t do it. I love it. But if I sit on someone’s face I need to have an ER person standing by, because they’re either going to die from a heart attack from cumming too much or smothering to death. I’m constantly asking them over and over, “are you okay?” because I feel like they can’t breathe. And I can look back and see their eyes are lit up and they’re loving it but I’m scared I might kill them. I could sit there and cum a few times while I’m at it, but I always want to know if they’re gonna survive my ass. And I try to sit still, because I’m afraid that if I grind, I’ll kill them.

I bet most guys would be willing to take that risk. It’s only oxygen. Highly overrated.
I recommend that they take yoga lessons so they learn how to breathe under there.

You’re in the November issue of Penthouse which is out now. How did you land that?
It was pretty amazing and I’m still in awe of it. It’s a magazine that features some of the world’s most beautiful women and a lot of women want to get into and I’m pretty honored to get to do it. My publicist sent a couple of my photos to Penthouse and they contacted us about doing a shoot almost right away. I almost crashed my car when I heard the news. I had to pull over and scream.

Do any of your friends or family members know what you do? Because I’d guess Penthouse will raise the visibility?
For the most part, no one knows what I do. I have a few close friends who know because they follow me on Twitter. But I’m kinda hoping none of my old school teachers are Penthouse readers.

Thong or boyshorts?

Tight jeans or spandex?
Spandex. I like to bend down. I like to get on my knees. That’s tough to do in jeans. When I bend down, my ass falls out.

What do you do in your spare time?
I like to sleep. I eat a lot, actually. That’s the problem. It goes right to my ass. Any time I have free time, I’m usually out eating somewhere. I’m already planning where I’m having dinner. I’m getting tacos or fish. I’m obsessed with food. And when I gain weight, my butt gets bigger.

What is the strangest fetish you’ve ever encountered regarding your ass?
Sometimes I meet guys who want to sniff my ass. Not like sniff between my cheeks, they just want to sniff it right on top. So I say, “go ahead and sniff.” They also like to rest their drinks on it. Girls or guys, whoever I’m out with. They like to balance glasses on it. Sometimes I do that when I’m alone just to see what it can hold. I can balance a water bottle up there.

Ever tried to open a beer bottle with it? Those are some strong looking cheeks.
No. Not yet, but it probably could.

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